Innovation centre on the cards at IISc

Innovation centre on the cards at IISc

An innovation and entrepreneurship centre is being planned at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), which will not only help students here with logistics to develop their research ideas, but will also help them promote their ideas.  

Started by students of the institute, ENTIISc (Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Indian Institute of Science) will not only act as an incubation centre for viable ideas but also serve as a means to network with people from various fields. 

For example, a student with an idea in a particular field, who is unable to find the support and guidance on how to develop the idea, can approach ENTIISc. 

The organisation’s members will help in the mobilisation of resources such as technology, knowhow and connect the idea with people with the required specialisation. 

“People will be identified accordingly and out of them mentors will be assigned to the student as part of this effort,” a source said.  

The founding members of the ENTIISc are presently in the process of approaching various parties for ‘operational funds’. An official website is also set to be launched within a few days.     

Students from all the departments of IISc — Engineering, Management and Science — are expected to participate in the workings of the centre. The initiative has however been designed as an ‘open platform’ and is also likely to include innovation clubs from outside the institute as well as other colleges and institutes in the future. Help from faculty and alumni have also poured in.  

Aiding faculty

Even though a centre for ‘innovation and development’ already exists at IISc, this organisation is mostly geared towards aiding the faculty rather than the students. The functioning, administration of ENTIISc will be under students and its membership will also comprise only students. Faculty and alumni will play an advisory role.    
  The idea for ENTIISC was floated nearly a year ago and a few workshops were conducted in this regard. They served as precursors for the setting up of the centre. 

“A first workshop was held to gauge the mood of the students, a second to see the number of students who would actually be interested. Finally, in the third such gathering, it was decided that such a centre had to be established,” a source explained.  

Suhas, an electronics enthusiast studying in second year BS (Bachelors of Science), is excited about the centre. He, however, feels that it is long overdue. 

“Such centres for innovation have been there in IITs and other well-known institutes for quite some time now,” he said. “I do not know it took so long for this to start here. IISc is traditionally well known for its research. However, this initiative will hopefully help in bringing about a new breed of scientist and entrepreneurs.”

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