Grin and bear it

DoosukelthaTelugu (U/A) ***Cast: Manchu Vishnu, Lavanya Tripathi, Brahmanandam Director: Veeru Potla

Taking potshots at his own ilk and the industry’s proverbial ways of making masala movies to rake in moolah, Potla’s Doosukeltha tries to elicit a few guffaws. While Potla succeeds in tickling the funny bone by satirising the ways of industrywallahs, Doosukeltha is best left to Manchu Vishnu and his diehards.

Sticking to the timeworn track of how lovebirds hoodwink villains and their family in their own den, Doosukeltha is deja vu, following the script to the T. Offering nothing novel, the film banks on Vishnu and Brahmanandam to deliver, and the two do their duty delectably.

As for the story, it’s about Chinna — a TV reporter on a sting operation, who rubs the political class the wrong way and incurs wrath of their goons. The romantic angle comes in the form of Alekhya, his childhood mate, now a doctor, who has her own problems with her patriarchal protectors. How Chinna manages to solve the problems in a predictable finish forms the fulcrum of Doosukeltha. The film has its moments, especially if you are game for formulaic action and done-to-death revenge show. Else, stay away. 

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