Merchant, Advani maintain clean slates

Merchant, Advani maintain clean slates

Thomson stuns Indias Sethi in Masters' section

 Pankaj Advani en route to his win over Phillip Williams of Wales in Hyderabad on Tuesday. PTI

In the Masters section, Sethi waged a grim battle before going down 2-3 to Thomson in the Group B Round Robin clash. Having lost the first two frames 42-50, 48-53, Sethi rallied to draw parity by winning the next two frames but Thomson prevailed in the decider, winning it 89-6.

In men’s section, Pankaj Advani staved off a stiff challenge from Phillip Williams of Wales to carve out a 4-3 win, his third straight triumph in Group A.

The Indian cueist went 3-1 up before his opponent won the next two frames and an alert Advani pocketed the fifth frame 54-16 to maintain a clean slate in Group A. In Group C, Merchant trounced American Ahmed Aly 4-2 for his third straight win. In Group D, Manan Chandra had a field day against Austrian Alexander Gauss, blanking him 4-0.

Among other Indians in the Men section, Sandeep Gulati routed Ali Obaidly of Qatar 4-0, Shahbaz Khan spanked Pierre Jordaan of South Africa 4-1 and Brijesh Damani beat Leonard Shanahan of Ireland 4-1.

In the Master section, K Venkatesham beat fellow Indian Arvind Savur 3-2, Prabhakaran beat Bambos Kouzis of Cyprus 3-1, while Nadeem Ahmed blanked beat Emmanuel Jeandidier of France 3-0.

Results: Men: Group A: Daniel Thorp (Aus) bt Moosa Saleem (Mau) 4-1; Sandeep Gulati (Ind) bt Ali Obaidly (Qat) 4-0; Pankaj Advani (Ind) bt Phillip Williams (Wal) 4-3.

Group B: Supoj Saenla (Thai) bt Habib Sabah Habib (Bah) 4-0; Mohamed Awad (Egy) bt Mark Hannah (NZ) 4-0; Shahbaz Khan (Ind) bt Pierre jordaan (SA) 4-1.

Group C: Yasin Merchant (Ind) bt Ahmed Aly (US) 4-2; Steve Mifsud (Aus) bt Ammar Taqi (Kuw) 4-0.

Group D: Alex Borg (Mat) bt Mohamed Khaled Belaid (Lib) 4-0; Manan Chandra (Ind) bt Alexander Gauss (Aut) 4-0; James Mifsud (Aus) bt Faaris Kahn (SA) 4-0. Group E: Brijesh Damani (Ind) bt Leonard Shanahan (Ire) 4-1; Igor Figueiredo (Bra) bt Andreas Ploner (Aut) 4-2; Anthony McGill (Sco) bt Ahmed Saif (Qat) 4-2.

Group F: Hesham Abdel Salam (Egy) bt Rishabh Pandya (Ind) 4-1.

Women: Group A: Jaique Ip (HK) bt Nahla Sunni (Bah) 3-0 (75-17, 62-12, 71-32).

Group B: Vidya Pillai (Ind) bt Claudia Weber (Swi) 3-0 (63-12, 72-10, 98-25); Nicha Pathom Eakmongkhon (Tha) bt Kathy Howden (Aus) 3-0 (51-12, 59-33, 53-27).

Group C: Yu Ching Ching (HK) bt Jeanne Young (SA) 3-0 (48-24, 70-20, 42-32); Neena Praveen (Ind) bt Meenal Thakur (Ind) 3-1 (47-60, 53-15, 61-36, 50-21)

Group D: Ramona Belmont (NZ) bt Ng On Yee (HK) 3-2 (31-60, 62-27, 09-105, 59-09, 67-17); Shirley Smith (Aus) bt Delphine Morel (Fra) 3-0 (55-18, 78-50, 36-7); Anuja Chandra (Ind) bt Bi Zhuqing (Chn) 3-0 (59-49, 79-47, 63-57).

Masters: Group A: Cheung Leung Sing (HK) bt Prasanna Maddumage (SL) 3-1. Group B: Clive Thomson (NZ) bt Geet Sethi (Ind) 3-2; Abdul Mohsen Khamis (Qat) bt Ayyoub Alsharrah (Kuw) 3-1; Simon Zammit (Mat) bt Mostafa Aly (Egy) 3-1.
Group C: Hitesh Naran (SA) bt Ali Jaafar (Fra) 3-2; Paul Thomerson (Aus) bt Naoki Matsuzaki (Jpn) 3-0.
Group D: Frank Galanos (Ger) bt Andrey Vill (Rus) 3-0; K Venkatesham (Ind) bt Arvind Savur (Ind) 3-2.
Group E: Prabhakaran (Ind) bt Bambos Kouzis (Cyp) 3-1.
Group F: Brendan Thomas (Ire) bt Satoshi Nakamura (Jpn) 3-0; Glen Wilkinson (Aus) bt Costas Konnaris (Cyp) 3-0. Group G: Ng Yam Shui (HK) bt Henry Killian (NZ) 3-2; Mark Rowing (Eng) bt Ron Jones (Wal) 3-1.
Group H: Jyri Virtanen (Fin) bt Munier Cassim (SA) 3-2; Nadeem Ahmed (Ind) bt Emmanuel Jeandidier (Fra) 3-0; Stevie Baillie (Sco) bt Ahmad Altarkait (Kuw) 3-2.

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