A dash of futuristic elements in designs

A dash of futuristic elements in designs

A dash of futuristic elements in designs

Falguni and Shane Peacock are a designer duo who have built a career in fashion by following their own set of rules.

Making their own style statements and even their own fabrics, they are popular not only in India but internationally too.

They spoke to Metrolife  during the recent Blenders Pride Fashion Tour.

At the show, their collection was inspired by futuristic sci-fi where fantasy meets reality.
“For the last four seasons, our collection has been futuristic and space age. We’re going that road now.

It’s not the trend but it’s going to be our style. It’s a mix of floral and geometrics with a twist of metallics. It’s got a very cyber couture kind of feel,” explains Shane.
Falguni adds, “If today, you want to just pull out a jacket, it’s a look out of the ramp but it’s still wearable. That’s what we’ve tried to portray. We’re trying to tone down couture and make it daily wear.”

About Bangalore’s sense of fashion, the duo sees growth in the last few years. “It still needs to grow. But I think Bangalore and India, in general, is ready now.

We just need to promote it some more and take it to the next level,” says Shane.
But the two also feel that what’s missing is attitude. “The confidence is missing. Indians feel that wearing western wear is not our forte but if you carry it off effortlessly, we can wear it just as well as a westerner would,” elaborates Falguni.

“In India, families are more conservative. Parents don’t want their kids dressing up in a certain way. It’s a lot to do with culture. However, with time we’re accepting other cultures. That’s when the transformation will come,” notes Shane. Being the couple that they are, it’s natural to be curious about the chemistry that goes into the designing process. “Chemistry?” laughs Shane. “There’s biology.

We fight!” he adds, to which Falguni says, “That’s what works in putting a collection together. If he and I don’t like something, we work the middle way out and try to get the best.”

Innovation also comes easy to them, given that they’ve even come up with their own fabric involving quilting on mesh with a gold shimmer to it. “We have our path very clear that ‘Falguni and Shane Peacock’ as a brand is about feathers, sequins and prints. We will continue to add more futuristic elements to it so that five years down the line, it’ll still be in trend,” shares Shane.

“We don’t want the outfits to look dated. We want to make classics but with a futuristic edge to them,” wraps up Falguni.

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