Welcoming the freshers in style

Cultural programmes

Freshers’ Day at HKBK College of Engineering was special for both the junior and senior students for more reasons than one. Seniors decided to go  traditional while welcoming new students on the campus recently. They celebrated their ethnic day too on the same day.

The celebrations began with a procession starting from the entrance of the college, which passed through different blocks, introducing students to the campus. As many as 30 students, all girls, dressed in traditional Kerala attire even performed their native dance. The students then gathered at the seminar hall where the lecturers addressed them and introduced them to their courses.

Soon after, it was time for cultural programmes. Students from different departments performed group dances and sang for the students.

Priya, a third-year student, said, “All the activities were organised by the final-year students. The idea was to make the students comfortable with their seniors.

We had planned many programmes for them to interact with other students so that they can become familiar with everyone. All the students were sportive and there was no stage fear as such. The day reminded so many of us about our first day in college.”    

Musical chair, tug-of-war and many other games too were organised on the occasion. Priya said, “It was a day-long event so we thought we will have both cultural programmes and sports. This way, people who don’t take part in cultural programmes will get a chance to be involved in other activities.”

Students were not treated to just games and dances alone. There was even a competition for them. Mr Fresh and Ms Fresh awards were given away to two students.

Students who had registered for the competition had to showcase their talent. Based on their performances and how they carried themselves, students voted for the best participants and selected the winners.
Rayeez, a mechanical-engineering student, said, “It was awesome fun for all of us. Since the two events were held on the same day, it was more like double celebrations.

This is a nice way to welcome the students as they may not open up in a formal setting where they have to introduce themselves to us or when we go and approach them. Such events bring in some kind of ease in the new batch of students.”

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