Flavour hit as onion prices soar

Consumers are cutting down on consumption of the bulb

Flavour hit as onion prices soar

Prices of onions have skyrocketed here in the past two days, in what appears to be a rerun of the market mayhem in September, when prices had shot up.

The rates had dropped later on. But they are on a northward journey once again, burning a hole in the pockets of consumers. Things here are not too different from the trend elsewhere in the country.

Shankarappa, president of the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC), said, “The current onion prices are between Rs 75 per kg and Rs 80 per kg. For 50 kg, the price ranges from Rs 2,500 to Rs 2,700. There is an unexpected shortage in the supply.

On Wednesday, the prices went up gradually as lorries carrying the supplies from rural areas could not reach the City due to rain.” He foresaw prices going up further with the festival season round the corner and if rains persist.

In Russell Market, onions are selling at Rs 65 to 70 per kg and the lower quality commodity costs Rs 45 to 50 per kg. The traders here predicted an increase in the prices of tomatoes too during festival time.

ying onion, which is one of the most essential ingredients for cooking.

Susheela, a homemaker from Indiranagar, said, “Earlier, prices of fuel shot up, causing concern. Now, onion prices are shooting through the roof. From street vendors to the supermarket, none of them is willing to reduce a single rupee of the price of one kg of the vegetable.”

To beat the prices, people are cutting down on consumption.

“Earlier, I used onions without any restrictions. Now, I have reduced its consumption and use lot of condiments instead. But people are not satisfied with the quality of the dishes served and I am losing out on my customers. There is no food that tastes better without onion. It has its own essence, which makes the dishes delicious,” said Hari Lal, who rubs a pani puri shop.

Some vendors said farmers growing onions have benefited from the rise in prices and that it is a change for the good.

“Let the prices increase. I hope this brings some profit to the farmers. Every time, it is they who end up making

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