Doing a rain check

With sudden bouts of shower in the City, it may be tricky to pick the right clothing. But with a little effort, one can dress fashionably on a rainy day. Here are a few dressing tips to keep in mind and not let the rains dampen one’s style.

Minimal make-up

The last thing one would want after carefully applying make-up is to be caught in the middle of a vicious downpour. Avoid embarrassing situations of make-up running and the face being a complete mess. It’s best to keep it simple and natural. Apply some bright lipstick and waterproof mascara during the rains.

Rain boots are a good option

Rain boots are the most practical footwear to own right now and help you stomp through puddles and muck without a second thought. Considering that they are now available in a variety of designs and styles, one can definitely find a good pair.

Go for bright colours and prints

Even if the skies are grey and the days are dreary, keep those gloomy moods at bay by dressing anything but dull this season. Add some cheer to your daily life during the rains by wearing bright colours and fun prints to stay upbeat on a cloudy day.

Carry fun umbrellas

The coolest way to make a style statement during the rains is with fun and fashionable umbrellas. Instead of choosing a boring black one, get hold of a trendy one with cool colours and patterns and maybe even a fun handle. It is after all, the most essential accessory in the rains, so make it stylish.

Plastic accessories

Save all that costume jewellery and metallic accessories for a later season and load up on water-proof plastic accessories that can be chunky or subtle to suit one’s style. Funky plastic bags that are more durable can save one from ruining the more expensive bags in this weather. Leather, suede and silk are some materials to avoid this season.

Not without your raincoat

When we think raincoats we think of a long, unflattering sheet of plastic that does our figure no favours. However, now with its growing popularity, the raincoat is available in chic styles that are belted at the waist and help one look pretty adorable in spite of rough weather. Also, transparent raincoats are very stylish and don’t camouflage the dress.

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