The benefits of martial arts

Martial arts has always been a popular choice of many children but now even the fitness conscious adults in the City have taken a liking to the art form.

It’s not only karate that tops the list but also other martial art forms like Taichi, Kick Boxing, Kalaripayattu, Capoeira, Tang Soo Do and Jujutsu among others that have entered the market. 

Martial arts is a serious business that works at all levels; on the physical level, it helps the individual remain fit and healthy.

On the mental and emotional level, it infuses a great amount of self-confidence, awareness and presence of mind.

This is why many youngsters and professionals in the City have started taking classes and making martial arts a part of their daily routine.

Nagendra Babu, the technical director and examiner of Temple of Martial Arts, agrees that over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of people taking to martial arts.

“Of late, people are more aware of the form and have started to imbibe it into their fitness routine as well. I have been teaching martial arts in the City for more than 25 years. I feel it is very important for everyone to make it a part of their lifestyle as it really helps one’s body, mind and soul,” he adds.

Professionals in the field of theatre too find that martial arts helps them.

Shruthi, a theatre artiste, works with Kalaripayattu. She says that it helps her to get engaged with her inner strength which in turn reflects in her performance as well. “It’s not only about the fitness but also how it helps the mind. Kalari has given me the confident to carry my self on stage,” she says.

Even professional dancers says that martial arts gives them a deeper understanding of their dance. Prithvi, a student-cum-a b-boying artiste, also learns Taekwon-Do. “Apart from the physical strength, I also imbibe many of the elements of martial arts into my dance form as well to bring in variations. And it’s really fun to experiment,” he adds.

Apart from performing artistes, many software engineers take it up as a means of releasing stress through an art form that they have heard about or even seen in a movie. Nagendra agrees that movies and actors have played a role in popularising this art form.
Shreekanth, an engineer, attends kick-boxing classes twice a week.

“At first, I attended these classes just for fun as I used to love Bruce Lee movies. I felt I too could learn a few moves like him. But soon I realised the difference it brought into my lifestyle. It helps not only in relieving stress but also increases concentration power,” he adds.

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