Modi ridicules Rahul's emotional speech

Modi ridicules Rahul's emotional speech

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Modi ridicules Rahul's emotional speech

BJP prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Friday ridiculed the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s emotional speech and slammed him for his remark that Pakistani spy agency ISI was in touch with muslims youths displaced during the recent Muzaffarnagar communal clashes.

“Who is this ‘Shehzada’ (Rahul)? He is merely an MP. He has not taken oath of secrecy. How can the intelligence officers share a secret information with such a person. Why do they report to the shehzada?” Modi said at an election rally at Jhansi, about 300 km from Lucknow.

Modi challenged Rahul to reveal the names of the muslim youths, who had been contacted by the ISI.  “Rahul should apologise if he does not reveal the names. It is shameful to tarnish an entire community by making such allegations,” he said in an apparent bid to sympathise with the muslims.  

“It seems that the regime in Delhi is a news agency which gives us only information but does not act. How come the ISI has managed to penetrate? The government should answer,” he went on to add.

Modi also ridiculed Rahul for his “emotional” speeches at the Congress election rallies where he invoked his grand mother and father.  

“I have not come here (Jhansi) to shed tears nor am I here to narrate the stories of such people. I have come to wipe off your (people) tears,” he said. 

Referring to Rahul’s remark that he (Rahul) was very angry when his grand mother was killed, Modi said: “I can understand his (Rahul) anger. But he should say whether he has also become angry at the killings of thousands of sikhs. He is rubbing salt on their (sikhs) wounds. Such language can never be tolerated,” Modi said.

Modi said the UPA government should give an account of works during the past five years of its rule.  “Instead of answering to burning issues like inflation and corruption, the yuvraj (Rahul) has been shedding tears,” he remarked. 

Though Modi criticised Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Rahul remained the centre of his attack.
 Controversial speech under EC scanner

Rahul Gandhi’s speech at a poll rally in Indore on Thursday, where he made a reference to the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, has come under the scanner of the Election Commission, reports PTI from Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) on Friday directed the Indore collector to look into a complaint that Rahul’s speech violated the model code of conduct, which is in force for the November 25 Assembly polls.  

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