'Canada a hit among Indian tourists'

When it comes to holiday destinations across the world, Canada is one of the most preferred countries by Indians, according to the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC).

British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario are among the most visited places by Indians.

On Monday, the CTC gave a presentation on various places of interest in Canada, in order to encourage tourists from the City.

Speaking about Canada, the second coldest country in the world, Sanjeet, India Representative of the CTC, said, “Canada is a four-season country for tourists and one can enjoy the beauty and the locales throughout the year. Also, Canada as a tourist destination is far more affordable than other places in the world,” he claimed.

Giving a lowdown on visa procedure, Tina Singh, Assistant Vice President, CTC, said that overall the rejection rate of visa to Indians was as less as eight per cent.

Projecting the North American country as “tourism friendly, more so for Indians”, Sanjeet said that the total population of Canada was about 33 million, out of which 1.2 million were Indians.

The CTC recently concluded a road show in the City and will conduct another in Chennai in December.

“Many people from south India, particularly from Bangalore, visit Canada for holidays, contrary to popular belief that mostly north Indians comprise the bulk of Indian tourists visiting that country.”

“Now many people from Mumbai, Gujarat etc also visit Canada for holidays. There is something for everyone out there and people from all age groups—from children and young people to the elderly— can have a great time Canada,” Sanjeet added.

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