HP unveils its novel SkyRoom technology

HP unveils its novel SkyRoom technology

It is designed on HP video and image processing and SkyRoom will come pre-installed in all HP Z-series and xw4600 workstations, HP said.

Apart from video conferencing, it offers the benefit of 3D collaboration software, where one can collaborate with upto three partners wherever and whenever one decides, giving way to  increased productivity and competitiveness.
Once HP SkyRoom is loaded onto the workstations, one can choose to review documents, videos or share media such as 3D CAD drawings using high-definition video and 3D graphics, sharing high fidelity audio and applications.

Virtual network
The collaboration and communication among employees at different locations happens through VPN (virtual private network) connection of a clients corporate network.  

Briefing reporters, HP India Country Manager (Workstations, Personal Syatem Group) Anurag Gupta said “customers are looking for cost-effective, hassle-free alternatives to business travel and face-to-face meetings. HP SkyRoom will help build value, help business reduce travel costs and their carbon footprint.”  

Helps organisations
HP SkyRoom, for example, will be a big help for an organisation that has architects operating from a number of locations in the country. Using the tool they can collaborate on a design even tough they are at different locations.
They can connect and discuss the design and make changes, if any. Since it allows participants the control of keyboard and mouse of the host computer, they can also incorporate changes in the design, which get saved automatically in the main server. With such access control, the presentation can be modified and experimented with.
This has great significance in industries and offices working in an environment requiring continuous collaboration. The software product, priced at Rs 8,400, comes with a lifetime license, company officials pointed out.
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