Granny gives birth 13 years after being sterilised

Debbie Amos, 43, had the operation to stop her falling pregnant again after having her first three children. But three-months-ago she felt strange movements in her stomach and a test revealed she was six months pregnant.

Now she is mother to healthy baby boy Connor, born last week, who is younger than her grandchildren, ‘The Daily Mail’ reported.

Amos, a resident of Colchester, Essex, said: “At the end of July, I started feeling tired and then felt movements in my stomach. When she did a pregnancy test, she could not believe that she was six months pregnant. “I didn’t really believe it until he came out,” she said.
She took fertility drug Clomid to speed up ovulation when she was 19 which helped her get pregnant with daughter Kerri, who is now 24 and a mother. Two years later, she conceived her first son Glen, who is now 19, and again with a daughter four years later.

To ensure no more pregnancies, she underwent double sterilisation at Colchester General Hospital. After discovering the sterilisation had failed, the couple considered taking action against the hospital, but have now ruled it out as they had been warned the procedure might only be 99 per cent effective.

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