BBMP reservation list ready

BBMP reservation list ready

Sources in the Urban Development Department told Deccan Herald that it is waiting for the government’s nod for releasing the list of the reservation of wards.

The new list is totally different from the previous one.

Nod sought

“We are ready with the list. Only thing that is restricting us from releasing it is the government’s nod. Once we get it we can release it at anytime,” said the sources.

A couple of months back, the Urban Development Department had released the list of wards to the media but later withdrew it. There were serious differences of opinion in the ruling BJP over the reservation of wards. Before it could lead to squabblings, the government withdrew it.

Under pressure

The government is under pressure from the High Court which has directed it to release the list of reservation of wards by November 30.

Under the given circumstances, the government is left with 12 days to release the list of wards.