Happy Birthday from furry gate crashers!

Happy Birthday from furry gate crashers!

Happy Birthday from furry gate crashers!

After completing her homework Rani helped  her mother  with  housework. Having attended many birthdays Rani was keen on celebrating her thirteenth birthday. She hesitantly  broached the subject of hosting a party, her mother instantly agreed.

A dress of blue silk was made for her.  Everyday after completing her homework Rani helped her mother make invitations cards, caps, and other decorative items. Four days  before her birthday, an excited Rani  distributed invitation cards to her friends. Her mother started preparing the sweets and snacks. On the eve of her daughter's birthday her mother baked an angel shaped cake.

At night while watching T.V. they were shocked. Riots had broken out in their city. In protest the ruling party had declared a bandh. To curb the violence   the police declared a  curfew on Rani's birthday. " The first time I celebrate my birthday,  a curfew has to be declared," Rani cried. "None of my friends will be able to  attend my birthday."

Rani was depressed on her birthday. After lunch  she retreated to her room.  Her  friends phoned  to wish her. To cheer her, her parents took a couple of decorated tables to their small garden  in the evening. Chairs were arranged, trees and shrubs were  decorated with   streamers. Changing into party clothes and wearing birthday caps, they laid out the food and drinks. Rani taken by surprise to see  her parents in party clothes reluctantly  changed into her party dress.  She then moved into the  garden.  

Her mother left  to bring  the cake, Rani realized that two monkeys had joined her. A stray dog crawled from under the gate. The monkeys  sat on a  branch. The  dog stared at her from far.

The cake was transferred to the buffet table. Rani spied a colony of ants  moving  towards the crumbs which had fallen from the cookie plate. While blowing  the candles, she saw two squirrels wagging their bushy tails happily near the plate of salted nuts. To complete the animal guest  list a  crow perched on a chair eyeing the pieces of chicken. A few street urchins were peeping from over the gate salivating at the sight of the food.

Shaking off her sadness, Rani cut the cake. She  decided to enjoy herself at this unusual party where the guests consisted of  strangers. She beckoned  the urchins. They shyly walked towards her. The cat followed them. As soon as the cat spied the  dog, instead of scurrying away, she chased the frightened dog around  the garden  delighting the onlookers. Squealing in fright the dog hid in a bush.

The squirrel unable to eat the pistachios  rolled the nuts, dropped  them to the ground, but, the nuts remained unbroken. Finally the nut was thrown away. The crow after eating a chicken piece given by Rani,  went for the lemonade. Picking up a paper cup filled with lemonade he tried to drink like a human. The result:  a lemon bath. The dog crept towards the chicken piece discarded by the crow. The cat meowed loudly. With a frightened yelp the dog darted  into the bush. Taking pity on him Rani threw two pieces into the bush.

The squirrels  moved towards the cookie plate. Though the animals didn't wear party caps or played any of the noisy games they created  music by barking delightedly, cawing happily, chattering noisily  and squealing excitedly. The  urchins  wiped the plates clean. "I didn't know that cats liked strawberry cake, or that monkeys had a taste for cucumber sandwiches or that cookies appealed to squirrels," Rani smiled. The urchins had devoured  the cake.

The guests left as suddenly as they had come, expressing their gratitude in many different languages. Helping her parents clear the tables, Rani  thanked them for a  memorable birthday party with its unusual guests. The guests  uninvited  bought no presents, but they  ensured that the party girl had a great time.