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Tv talk

Tv talk

Doing whatever it takes

HBO present Iron Man on November 20 at 9 pm. This big screen adaptation of Marvel’s legendary super hero stars Robert Downey Jr as the billionaire industrialist/inventor, Tony Stark.

When Tony is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon, he uses his intelligence and legendary ingenuity instead to build a high-tech suit of armour to escape captivity.

Upon his return, Tony uncovers a dangerous plot with global implications and dons his powerful armour once again, vowing to do whatever it takes to protect the world as his alter-ego, Iron Man. The movie also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard and Jeff Bridges.

Exploring the supernatural

The all new series of Aahat airs on November 20 at 11 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. The human mind, no matter how logical or reasonable —has either a fear or fascination for the unknown. In every normal life situation, something paranormal is lurking somewhere.

Aahat, which airs every Friday at 11 pm aims to capture the inherent connection between
the natural and the supernatural.

Party time for monkeys

It was indeed a stressful day for the cast and crew of Sphere Origin’s TV serial Jyoti. It was the monkeys who stole the show during  the marriage sequence of Uday (Alok Narula) and Sudha (Sriti Jha) was being shot at Chandika Mandir, Naigaoan.

A big ruckus was created by the monkeys as they were snatching eatables and other stuff from the crew members, which not only delayed the shoot but also left the cast and crew starving for food.

The cast had to climb 200 stairs to shoot the crucial marriage scene. Alok said, “It was one tiring schedule and we finally did it after fighting the monkeys out there, who took away our food, which resulted in all of us getting down 200 steps for food and again climb up to finish the shoot.”

“The monkeys were so naughty and scary at the same time. This was quite an experience for me. I have had such an experience for the first time in my life.” He added, “And the funniest part was when we went up to shoot the scene; we all were hungry again, which left us laughing.”