Being wise

Being wise

Before death comes dragging to us, let us wake up.

An old man on his deathbed got up and screamed, “Where is my watch?”

He was dying but was still attached to the unessential. He could not watch himself. Our bodies are being dragged to the grave, while our illusions are dragging us nowhere.

Just learn to be happy. Learn to be a flower of joy. A flower gives fragrance unconditionally. Give happiness unconditionally. A flower is open and dances to the breeze. Can one be open and dance to the breeze of change? Let us be anchored in joy.
If one is not centred in happiness, one will be sad. From sadness one starts thinking… such thinking will be polluted by sadness. It starts justifying itself and develops its own survival tactics. One starts logically proving why one is sad and gets hypnotised by such logic.

Logic acts like a drug that makes one get addicted to such thinking, and this binds one’s thinking.

Let us learn to be happy without reason, without logic. Only then will we be out of the trap of logic. If we win, we win; if we lose, we learn and therefore we win. Thus, we will always be a winner. A joy that is caused is bound to change into unhappiness. In most cases, when the cause vanishes, happiness too vanishes.

Be happy without a cause. Let this be your mantra.

A monk was watching a football match between two communities. Every time one group took the ball to the other group’s court, he would jump out of joy and vice-versa. When asked which group he was supporting, he answered, “I am here just to enjoy the game.”
When we operate from such a space, innocence opens up. One will be like a mirror just reflecting what is as is. One learns to accept life in all its beauty and see elegance in imperfection. One sees beauty in what is and not in what it should be.

In such a climate one’s relationship grows to newer heights. One learns to enjoy both the peaks and valleys of life.

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