Officials visit BBP over animal death

Officials visit BBP over animal death

While officials suggest that the number of dead animals may be inflated, environmentalists have disputed that they are well below those that have died because of negligence in the zoo. “I am surprised that the numbers have not been made public for so many years. There are more number of dead animals in the zoo than what is being quoted,” said one environmentalist from the City.

Adequate facilities

The forest officials state that the facilities off-hand do suggest that they are quite adequate for the existing animals in the zoo.

“There was no sign of any shortage of facilities in the BBP centre. Nonetheless, the zoo officials have been asked to provide a detailed report,” said the forest official who visited the spot. The department was of the view that BBP was an old organisation and had every facility in place for the animals.

Meanwhile, Milo Tago, the Director for BBP said that he did not believe there was any shortage of veterinarians and other facilities in the zoo. “There is no problem in the zoo. I am just looking at the number of dead as reported in the media and will not be able to comment on anything else,” he said.

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