Where customers get nostalgic

Where customers get nostalgic

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Where customers get nostalgic

Proud owner Vikram Bhat DH photo by Janardhan BK

Even if you visit the place after a long time, you will find the same smiling faces and the familiar ambience. And of course, the food continues to retain its original flavour for which the eatery is popular among the locals and the foreigners alike.

Maybe that’s why its owner, Vikram Bhat, takes it as a compliment when someone tells him that his place has not changed. “We have waiters, who have been here with us since the start of the restaurant, and every time when an old customer comes and tells us that we haven't changed, my day is made,” says Vikram, who himself has grown with the restaurant.

The South Indian dishes remain its forte. Ullas serves idli, vada, various types of dosas, rava idli etc throughout the day, and the thalis are restricted to lunch, when the eatery gets really crowded. “Our main clientele has always been the office-going people, who work in the nearby offices. They come for a quick bite and leave,” he adds.

While most of Ullas’s dishes have a taste of home, there are some special items which are a must try. For example, the rava idli topped with a scoop of butter is mouth-watering and the bonda-soup dipped in a typical Mangalorean style dal is equally tasty. The regular filter coffee is available and they also have a cold coffee, which is made out of ground filter coffee.   

 One also finds a lot of foreigners and youngsters sitting by the balcony of the eatery and relaxing. “One rule that we have followed for a long time is that we never hurry our customers. They sit here, enjoy and absorb every minute of the City,” he adds. In fact, the clientele of Ullas even extends to the members of the film industry. Actors like Shobraj and Master Manjunath are regulars even today.