Woman aware of snooping: Father

In an interesting development, which may take the wind out of the Congress’ campaign against BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and his trusted lieutenant Amit Shah in alleged snooping scandal, the father of the girl has now written to the National Commission for Women.

In his letter, Pranlal Soni claimed that his daughter was aware of the surveillance mounted upon her on the request of her father.

“My daughter is an architect and an educated lady. She is married and also deeply perturbed by intrusion upon her personal life and her privacy. With a view to ensure that her anonymity and whereabouts remains out of public gaze, she has requested me to write this letter to this honourable commission on her behalf,” Soni wrote. 

“In the year 2009, due to personal and family reasons, I had made a request to the honourable chief minister of Gujarat to take steps in my daughter’s interest. Considering the fact that the issues bothering me and my family were personal in nature, I deemed it fit to make an oral request to the honourable chief minister with whom I have long-standing relations spread over two decades,” he added.

“My daughter is fully aware of all types of help that was rendered by the state machinery considering a genuine request of a father for his daughter. She is fully conscious that the said help was absolutely necessary and was in her own interest, safety and security,” he claimed. 

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