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Remembering Michael

Watch a never-seen-before documentary that takes a candid look at the man behind the enigma — from his debut in the industry to the recent memorial service in Los Angeles. Watch Michael Jackson in Fox History & Entertainment’s Best of Biographies - Devotion at 8 pm on November 24. Also catch his cult short film Ghosts.

Sachal Tyagi’s character spillover

Sachal Tyagi aka Ranvijay from Zee’s Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo recently went through an embarrassing situation due to his villainous acts in the show when he visited a suburban restaurant to enjoy a meal along with his fiancé. The couple was engrossed in their romantic conversation, when suddenly an elderly woman marched towards them and started cursing Sachal for his behaviour towards Agle Janam’s protagonist Laali. “I was taken aback as the others seated around started staring at us. But in the end, it was also a compliment in disguise as I am happy that my negative side in the soap is at least getting appreciation and leaving an impact on the viewers,” gushes Sachal.

The actor sat with the lady for half an hour and made her understand the real situation, that he is just acting as Ranvijay in the show and he is not a villain in real life. Both of them parted ways on a happy note, with Sachal promising her of passing her blessings to Laali.

Life in the Sin City

Discovery Travel & Living’s Vegas Revolution presents behind the scenes of America’s fantasyland. Peek into the inner workings of its glitzy attractions — high stakes gaming, spectacular shows, luxurious spas and celebrity studded nightclubs.

Everyday in Vegas is an extravagance, and every night a celebration. Accomplished magicians, sensuous dancers, championship boxing, exotic cars and famous chefs — there is a good reason why it is called the Sin City. Watch this dizzying action on November 25 at 9 pm.

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