Travelling on sceptically

Travelling on sceptically

Though the infernos involving Volvo buses took place a few weeks ago, fear is still lurking in the minds of Bangaloreans while travelling on them.

Those who travel out of the City frequently say that they are thinking twice about using Volvo buses and are considering switching to trains. Others feel that these fires, like most mishaps, will be eventually forgotten.

The fact that these mishaps could have been avoided if proper guidelines were followed and precautions taken is even more disturbing.

Abhishek Jogani, who used to frequently travel by Volvos, says, “It’s so scary to hear about the recent bus infernos one after the other. One is bound to think twice about using such an unsafe means of transport. Sometimes, trains also scare me
because of the lack of security in them as well. But I’m going to start opting for trains nonetheless.”

However, many remain unaffected by these incidents. Vivek Ravindran, a professional, notes that while the outrage is justified, most people will still be unfazed by the incidents.

“When I heard about the blazes, I thought I’d switch to trains. But I know that I will continue to use Volvos or other buses because they are a convenient mode of transport. Things like this are unfortunate but they happen all the time. It’s the drivers who are at fault, not the service providers. Training them well and ensuring that proper  guidelines are followed should prevent such incidents from happening again,” he says.

Others, like Anchana Kota from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, say that they were never fans of the air-conditioned buses anyway.

“I rarely take Volvo buses because they’ve always been on the expensive side.
Moreover, with good weather like this, I would rather take a non-AC bus either way
instead of be ing stuffed in a bus with  windows closed. So the recent fires wouldn’t change my outlook on them,” says Anchana.

Travel operators say that while there was a drop in the number of bookings
immediately after the accidents, they are returning to the usual numbers now.

   Harsha, who works with ‘Travelyaari’, an online bus ticketing website, shares,
“To be frank, the bookings won’t stop and seats will continue to be booked on Volvo buses. In case of accidents, the travel companies involved  might get hit for a while, as they did, but it’s only a matter of time before they get back to usual business. The National Travels bus that was involved is an 80-year-old company.
So this will just be seen as a one-off case.”
However, a KSRTC
official who did not want to
be named, says that the state bus operators are attracting more passengers than before. “There are some sectors in which we have seen a rise in occupancy. There is more demand for our buses right now but it might be a short-lived phase. We will have to give this some time to pass before any conclusive shift can be noted,” says the official.

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