On an average 21,000 rapes reported in India annually

Sexual assaults and rapes termed as terrorism

Lecturer at King George’s Medical College, Lucknow, Dr Sujit Kumar Kar said that India stands second in rape numbers, while USA stood first.

During a presentation on ‘Rape: Psychological impact and psychological issues in the Indian context’ at the Seventh SAARC Psychiatric Federation International Conference-2013’, in Mysore, on Sunday, he said that on an average 21,000 rapes are reported in India every year, while over 90,000 cases are recorded in the US. The Russian Federation has so far recoded the lowest numbers - around 4,000 rape cases annually.

He said that the instances of rapes were increasing every year in India, which had gone beyond 24,000 in 2011, from 16,000 cases in 2001. A rape is recorded every 22 minutes in India presently. About 83 per cent cases are pending trial in courts, while only 17 per cent cases had been disposed. Only one fourth of the total rape cases ended in convictions.

Kar said that it was shocking to note that as many as 97 out of 100 accused of rape walked out free of charges; 46 are reported to police, 12 cases lead to arrests, nine get prosecuted, five lead to convictions and three spend only a day in jail.

He said, Delhi, known as the ‘rape capital’ was recording increased numbers of sexual assault cases.

While there were 179 rape cases, 139 molestations and 49 eve teasing cases recorded in 2012; and 463 rape, 973 molestation and 433 eve teasing cases registered in 2013. Gujarat had recorded the lowest number of rape cases.

Rape trauma syndrome

Lecturer at KGMC, Dr Pawan Kumar, said that ‘Rape Trauma Syndrome (RPS)’ is the natural response of a psychologically healthy person, to the trauma of rape. Psychological problem exhibited by the victim includes fear, helplessness, anger, irritability, numbing, shame, guilt, denial and confusion and suicidal tendencies.

Behavioural problems include, crying more than usual, being restless, aggression, agitation, change in personality, interpersonal problems,all  leading to suicide.
He lamented that there were no dedicated studies on rape in India.

Professor at KGMC, Dr Amit Arya termed sexual assaults and rape as ‘terrorism’. He said that health professionals in India are not trained to deal with rape victims, while in countries like USA and Canada, intervention programmes were conducted for the same.
There is need for a dedicated single unit to conduct all the medical examinations required in a rape case.

He also termed the two finger test as “unscientific”. “The victims should be educated about all the tests they have to undergo. No tests should be conducted without consent,” he added.

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