Modi invokes security, scams to take on Cong

Modi invokes security, scams to take on Cong

The BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday highlighted the issues of corruption and security of women in the capital, urging people to keep in mind the scams that surfaced during the Congress regime and the gruesome gang-rape of a medical student, when voting in the Assembly polls here on December 4.

Appealing people to give their mandate in favour of the BJP for an effective government in Delhi, he also sought to revive the memory of the 1984 Sikh riots by accusing the Congress of always indulging in “divisive politics” to remain in power.

“The Congress is a party which promotes divisive politics. Divide and rule has been the policy of the party as it does not want people to remain united. When you go to cast your vote this time, I plead you, do not forget Nirbhaya, the midnight attack on innocent people at the Ramleela Ground,” said Modi, addressing a rally at Ambedkar Nagar in South Delhi.

Modi also referred to the incidents of rape of minors in the national capital, urging people to bring down the Congress.

The Gujarat chief minister criticised the Congress government for various cases of corruption, including Commonwealth Games scam in Delhi, alleging that corruption had become habit of the party and it did not mind indulging in it.

“Corruption is not a new disease of the party. Rajiv Gandhi had also said it. He had said that one rupee becomes 15 paise by the time it reaches the hands of the poor. He said it when the Congress was in power from panchayat to the Centre,” said Modi.

He also accused the Congress of failing to fulfil its promises, reminding people that it promised to control price rise during the last Lok Sabha elections.

“The Congress shows the hand (party’s symbol) during campaigning, and when there is favourable atmosphere, it tries its hands. They show one hand and loot with both. They (the Delhi government) promised you cheap homes. Did you get them?” asked Modi.

He also took on the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), accusing its founder Arvind Kejriwal and others, without naming them, of backstabbing anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare.

“A respected person like Annaji fought against corruption. The nation looked up to him. But what happened? Upon seeing Anna’s popularity, some people developed political ambitions. As a result, the movement was stabbed in the back. They did this for their own interests and political ambitions. Jo Anna ke nahi hue woh aapke nahi ho sakte (Those who could not be true to Anna Hazare cannot be true to you too),” he said. He also alleged that the Congress and the AAP were hand-in-glove to fool people.

Modi accused the Sheila Dikshit-led Delhi government of “misgovernment”, and highlighted issues like water scarcity, price rise and unauthorised colonies to drive his point home.He said the Congress government in Delhi was lacked vision and implementation. “BRT failed here. It is a standing example of the Congress corruption and their lack of vision,” he said.

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