'If product is not good, people will reject it'

'If product is not good, people will reject it'

'If product is not good, people will reject it'

One is struck by his dignified demeanour and good manners. Dressed in smart casuals, he impresses with his irresistible smile and humility.

“Let’s sit outside, mausam achcha hai bahar,” says Sunny Deol, Bollywood’s original ‘action hero’, before proceeding to explain that he is “happy with whatever image” the industry “gives me because I wanted to be an actor and I am enjoying what I am doing”.

It is a tad difficult to believe when he says that he is not in search of any role but has always, “Kept moving and done whatever has come my way. However, I have always wanted to do a period film which would date back to some two-three hundred years with Mughals or Rajputs in the script. But I don’t know if I will get a chance to do it,” says he.

Beyond this unfulfilled desire, it is the enjoyment to essay different characters that keeps Sunny going. “I have upcoming films in which I am not just an action hero. One of these is I Love Me which is an out and out rom-com.” The actor is pinning his hopes on this, as his most latest release, Singh Saheb The Great, could barely garner a positive response.

“If the work is not good then obviously the audience will reject it, what can I do about it,” he candidly admits and breaks into a hearty laugh adding, “Aaj kal zara dukh zyada hota hai because we invest months in promoting a film and live with it so much that it appears like predicting a child’s gender before its birth!” His laughter seems genuine as does his concern towards the rising trend of film promotion.

“All of a sudden we are wasting so much energy in promoting a film. The extra money that we spend usme ek chhoti si film ban sakti hai,” he says with a clear intention that the decision to promote his latest film was not out of peer pressure. “It is a necessity to talk about your film. Many a time films work because of marketing, even if they are not good. But if my product is not good, then people will reject it.”

His statements are quite matter-of-fact and reveal that he isn’t influenced by anyone in selecting his films. “It is the character and its positivity that I enjoy. It’s not that I wanted to take on an action hero image but I have always done characters which are very positive and who fight for a cause. In between there is action and running around and many-a-time I have hurt myself and damaged my back. When you are young you feel you are invincible, so you do everything! This took a toll on my health but I still carry on doing what I want because I don’t like to give in.”

As far as getting involved in a character is concerned, Sunny doesn’t feel that he has enacted such a role yet. “In order to play a drastically different character, I would have to physically and mentally change everything about me. The films that I have done are not that kind but I’m working on different subjects. I don’t want to talk about them because I am tired of talking about Ghayal Returns. Unfortunately bichari ko nazar lag gayi hai,” he signs off with a sigh.

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