Kids lost in an imaginary land

Kids lost in an imaginary land

The kids in the City had a whale of a time when they met Noddy and their other favourite characters from ‘Toyland’ at the live production show, ‘Noddy in Toyland’, presented by Fever Entertainment at the Good Shepherd Auditorium.

While some children were waiting with bated breath to meet their favourite cartoon characters, some wanted to shake hands with their hero Noddy. There were also those who wanted to hug him and ride in his car with him. Puja Sharma, the head of Fever Entertainment, informs that the troupe had been brought from London for the show and they will be performing all over the country. “The kids are loving it. In fact, in the morning, we had a huge bunch of school children attending the programme and they were so excited that we could hardly hear any of the dialogues. The musical is a complete entertainer and can be enjoyed with the entire family. It is also very interactive and has been structured in a way that the children have a chance to talk to the characters,” she says.

Bright costumes, an entertaining story and many rib-tickling jokes as well as acts made the musical quite a laugh riot. Five-year-old Adiya was very excited to meet Noddy and could not contain her enthusiasm. “We have come from Whitefield to see the show. She watches Noddy on the television everyday and loves it. It’s a great concept and it is not just the children but the adults too who enjoy it,” says Dr Dey, Adiya’s mother.

What made the show interesting for children were the melodious songs that had been woven beautifully into the play. From Noddy’s car to the goblins, all the characters were etched out clearly. When asked if they were liking the show, the children screamed ‘yes’ in unison.

Geeta, who was at the show with her children Ajooni and Diya, informs that they had come from Banashankari to watch it. “They had been asking me to take them to the show since morning. I have heard that the troupe does a great job,” says Geeta.

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