Scrumptious desserts to pamper your sweet tooth

As wheat flour simmers in a pan greased with dollops of ghee, its aroma takes over the senses. Preparing pinnis, gajar ka halwa and other such delectable desserts is a speciality every Indian household takes pride in.

A nip in the air just does not mark the arrival of winters, its a harbinger of warm and scrumptious desserts that follow soon after in our homes. Taking stock of restaurants in town to find out the desserts that top their charts this winter, we bring you these delicacies so that you can prepare the same at home and delight your family .

Chef Vishal Saxena, cuisine trainer at Rang De Basanti Dhaba shares that gajar ka halwa is one well-known dessert prepared and served in every home or restaurant during winter season. Carrots which are easily available in these months make it very winter-specific, that’s why it rules their menu. He adds, “Since khumani (dried apricots) have health benefits, our customers demand it on our winter menu as a warm delicacy. Besides, gur ki kheer is the new addition on our menu as gur (jaggery) generates a distinct sweetness and flavour to a regular kheer.” Sharing his trade secret for khumani ka meetha’s preparation, Vishal says, “Cook apricots in a covered pot at low heat until they turn soft and pulpy and the sugar gets dissolved.”

Chef Surajbir Singh, dessert trainer at Hinglish: The Colonial Cafe offers Ricotta, Prunes and Tart with Raspberry Ice-Cream and Walnut Caramel Pie under his range of winter desserts. Quite English, we say!

About his choice of desserts, he says, “Prunes have nuts which are loved during winters because of their warm essence. So, we had to use it in our desserts to give something interesting to our guests.” Their hot walnut pie comes topped with a scoop of vanilla icecream  to give you the best of both worlds.

At Zerzura, the chefs offer an exotic central and southwest Asian delight - the delectable Baklava. Garnishing this layered pastry with saffron, Zerzura offers a nut-filled delight to keep its guests sated and happy.

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