A cheesy affair with winter delicacies

Usher in the spirit of winter with a hearty meal in the heart of the City. Enjoy the comfort of a cosy ambience that Amour – The Patio Restaurant at Hauz Khas Village provides to its guests in addition to its other speciality--some extraordinarily well-prepared dishes. 

A dig into the Salad of Pistachio and the taste buds are treated to international flavours that set the flavour for the delicacies to follow. Though the presentation of the dish (which is not like any regular salad) hoodwinks the gourmand, its taste vouching for the quality that the restaurant promises. A combination of Brie cheese and pistachio, the salad is topped with a dressing of fresh strawberry sauce and raspberry vinegar, giving the leafy vegetables a tangy, piquant flavour.

Being a part of the winter menu, the salad stands testimony to the increase in use of dry fruits that are consumed liberally in winter. Likewise, there is a presence of fresh vegetables in the main dishes too.

Be it the Roesti or Tuscan Herb Prawns, there is a distinct use of green vegetables which give a delectable twist to the traditional recipes. The Italian Roesti has a thick potato base with charred winter greens  and the Amour special touch to it with an addition of Swiss cheese fondue. So much effort, but the dish fails to appease as compared to the Tuscan Herb Prawns which are prepared with red wine butter and are succulent to the core.

Those who love hardcore non-veg must try the not-so-spicy Pancetta Wrapped Quail which has a rich stuffing of chicken breast combined with prunes and fresh croutons. The description is sufficient to set the taste buds salivating at the thought of flavours that can be relished with every bite of the bird.

Once the standard is set, try the Ravioli and the perfect taste is sure to make one feel flying on top of the treetops! With a sinful filling of roasted ratatouille and feta cheese, the freshly prepared rounded-pasta is cooked to the optimum stage with an equally rich preparation of red sauce. “We don’t put tomatoes directly into the sauce but cook red wine with tomato juice till it attains a soupy consistency,” shares chef Jitender Singh about the hidden magic in the dish that tops the scoreboard!

Unfortunately, the expectations plummet with the dish - Chef Crepes, which is prepared with Provolone cheese but is non-appetising due to the oil that dominates the taste. Probably the cheese is over-cooked, souring a probably delightful experience. The fresh vegetables prepared in Argentinian Chimichuri marination, too fails to impress.
Draughts of Thai Mojito help one overcome the taste and try the wood-fired oven pizzas which are crisp enough to bring the crunch back to life!

But those with a permanent sweet tooth must not miss the Amour Special Churros which sprinkled with powdered-sugar and cinnamon add a different dimension to its flavour, especially when the tender sticks are dipped in gooey white and dark chocolate.

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