Make a style statement with funky caps


Spotted those lovely colourful bobbles tossing around in the crowd? You, definitely did! As the nip in the air sharpens, Delhiites have started taking out their favourite winter accessories to step out with panache. The time is right for you to bring out your chullos, beanies and what one generally calls the woollen caps.

With so many designs and varieties vying for attention, you might just find yourself spoilt for choice. Not to worry! Metrolife is here to give you a lowdown on some interesting and funky winter caps this season.

The good old chullos are here to stay. Usually adorned in hilly areas, these woollen ear flap caps are a hit with the youngsters. Covering your entire head and ears, these caps come with a pair of plaited straps with pompoms to fasten around your neck. Another variant of chullos that has an added utility is a cap that comes with a scarf instead of a pompom. Besides, the scarf has a pocket to it for you to keep your tidbits in. Then, there are slouchy caps in the market, the ones that are worn in a way that they do not completely cover your hair. These fashionable beanies come with or without a fuzzy ball at the end.

Strutting out in her slouchy cap, a young lass from Delhi University, Abhilasha Badoni says, “Winter caps are not meant to hide yourself under a hood. So, monkey caps and the likes are a strict no,no, on my list. The patterned winter caps are what I like to wear, more like an accessory as soon as the season arrives. ”

When asked about her winter caps collection, Andree Pouliot, creative director, Some Blockprints offered us a wide variety of hats instead. And we said, why not, after all going by the account of GenerationY, all they need is an accessory as a headgear to make a style statement. Elaborating about her collection, Andree says, “My current designs are a blend of traditional and contemporary. Bold geometric patterns are trending big, while the paisleys have been reintroduced with a multi-coloured layered effect. The different shades of blue and white have caught my attention and they have been played out for the right effect.” Her hats come in block print patterns made with vegetable and non-mineral colours.

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