Groceries at the click of a button

Easy shopping

Long tiring days, coupled with a stressful job, are leaving working men and women drained out. To find out that one has run out of groceries to prepare a meal
at the end of the day is not desirable.

With vegetables, fruits and snacks now available at the click of a button, many
in the City are going for online shopping.

Juthika, a professional, who shops online for fruits, vegetables and snacks at least twice or thrice a week, chanced upon a website and thought that she’d give it a try. “Until I opted for this, I used to find that I had no groceries after getting back home. Now, I even shop for bakery products online. The conveniences of this are unmatched.

I’ve found the order to be fresh and well-packed. The minimum purchase amount has to be Rs 150,” she explains. “This saves me both time and some money. And I don’t have to feel guilty for not heading to the market for fresh vegetables on a daily
basis,” she adds.

However, she shares an experience when the groceries were delivered stale. “I was a bit apprehensive after the incident but as soon as I gave my feedback, a fresh package was re-sent. The website that I order from takes feedback seriously,”
says Juthika.

Some, like businesswoman, Shilpa Agarwal, who even orders items for her office, says, “Once you know the items you want, it only takes a couple of minutes to order. And the items are delivered within 24 hours. But sometimes I feel that the choice is not as large as it would be in markets and supermarkets.

That’s the price we pay for the convenience.” Sandesh PS, who is self-employed, says that there are a number of offers that one can avail. “I shop for my groceries once or twice a week, online. One does not have to go to a market and haggle. There are many good deals that one can avail of,” he points out.

For instance, he recalls that when the onion prices were soaring, he chanced upon a website, where he got them for Rs 9. “But the deal was that only one kilo could be bought for a day,” he shares. This option turns into a boon while travelling, says Shalini Singh, a professional. “You could be in another City and ensure that the groceries are delivered by the time you get back.”

“But I have recently opted out of it. No doubt the conveniences are fantastic but what I found was that there was no attention to detail. For instance, if I ordered half-a-kilo of cucumbers, I’d get two large ones while I would have preferred three or four small-sized ones. Of course, there’s always the option of rejecting a lot but it’s just a waste of time,” she adds.

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