'Pressure is part of the game'


Naved Jaffrey, who is Javed Jaffrey’s brother and co-host of the reality dance show Boogie Woogie, is all excited as the show relaunches this week.

Metrolife caught up with this producer-cum-host about the changing television and dance scenario in
the country.

“The show started small, around 17 years ago, and grew bigger and bigger. It evolved as more people got involved,” narrates Naved.

 He says with the expansion of the dance scene, more people, including families and children, had to be included. “In the last five years, dance has moved from just thumkas to somersaults, ballet and contemporary dance,”
he says.

Ask him if there is a lot of pressure on young dancers today and he replies, “When Sachin Tendulkar came to the scene, he also must have felt pressurised. It is all a part of the game. When someone has talent, he or she will work towards attaining success.”

Dance has always been a part of Naved’s life. “In college, dance was our favourite pastime. At that time, the dance scene wasn’t so happening. I moved into choreography and modeling and slowly, we thought about the show. So for us, our pastime became our job,” he says.

To judge a show, one has to understand and be able to appreciate the nuances of dance. “While judging a show, one cannot just make random remarks. The foremost feature that any judge or host needs is genuineness. Let’s face it, the audience isn’t stupid. So the judge has to understand what’s being presented and the difficulty or the process behind the presentation,” he elaborates. “The North-East and East of India, and Mumbai have delivered the best dancers so far,” he notes.

For Naved, presenting the show with sibling Javed is just normal. “The way we are in real life is what we are on screen. It’s good fun. We’ve grown up with dance and thoroughly enjoy it,” he remarks. Recalling their childhood days, Naved says, “I was a naughty kid while Javed was sober.”

The latest edition of ‘Boogie Woogie’ will air on December 7. “We are excited and nervous about the show. But we are hopeful that it will be accepted by the audience with open arms,” he wraps up.

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