Proposal for vertical growth of varsity

Landscape architect reveals blueprint

Proposal for vertical growth  of varsity

The University of Mysore will concentrate on ‘vertical’ development of its campus, ahead of its centenary year. Vertical development, improvement of green spaces around the varsity campus and rejuvenation of ‘hyper-eutropic’ Kukkarahalli Lake are among the ‘Green Masterplan’ of the varsity.

According to a presentation by Surinder Suneja, Landscape Architect and Planner, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, the new masterplan is eco-sensitive, sustainable and formulated, considering the growth of the varsity by 2050.

“Concentrated vertical development in the campus is an option, preferable to horizontal development, which will require large land areas,” he said.


The survey was conducted with the help of 27 students from the School of Planning and Architecture, who had visited the campus in the month of September.

The survey of about 800 acres of the varsity was conducted in a week. Following the survey, hydrological and geological analysis, vegetation analysis of the campus, plans to optimise building spaces and others were sketched, he said.

“While the university has only 38 departments now, by 2040-50, the number of departments will swell to 88. The number of undergraduate students of the varsity will increase from 83,492 in 2013 to 1,68,637 to 2050.

The landscape plan details about the necessary infrastructure required to facilitate such development of the varsity,” he said.

The plan also identifies the constraints in the varsity, which prevents free movement of students from one department to another. Pathways connecting different departments should also be built, he said.

Noting that about a million litres of sewage enters Kukkarahalli Lake from Paduvarahalli side everyday, he said, the drainage run off must be curtailed to protect the lake. Steps for the revival and development of pond eco-system, shoreline stabilisation measures and making use of local flora to improve water quality is also highlighted in the plan.

Need funds

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mysore K S Rangappa said, objectives for the comprehensive development have been provided in the masterplan. “Even though implementation of all the proposals will require a large amount of funds, we will take up developmental activities one by one,” he said.

We are trying to tap the funds from different agencies of the Union Government. We are also awaiting some funds for the centenary celebrations, scheduled for 2016, with which a few projects will be taken up,” he said.

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