Pedestal lights

»Artistic pedestal lights transforms the way how lighting enhances the human experience.
These figurines are marble based and handcrafted in brass with antique gold leafing. Such pedestal lights are works of art and are inspired by the greatest sculptors, painters, artists of the world, including reproductions of 14th and  century masterpieces showcasing the beauty of European design and craftsmanship from the renaissance up to contemporary times.
It appeases the discerning taste of well heeled and well travelled Indian consumer.

Key chains as collectibles

»Keychains come in all shapes and designs, often making them a collectible item. The designer keychains in wood, metal, fibre and plastic give the owners a loyal feel.
Although key chains are small product but its eye catchy appearance can give a special feel. In general these Keychain products had already boosted the market for many purposes. The inexpensive product also plays the vital role in defining your personality. Be the key chains holding your car keys or house keys or simply sprucing up your decor!

Quirky kettle

»Beautify your kitchen

with the quirkiest range of hand-painted kettles and cups to make every sip of your tea special during this winter season. The traditional craft forms of each
region find space alongside contemporary and explorative expressions of design.

From the incredible world of crafts, with item echoes its own unique story. The fine crafting traditions of India kept alive by generation of artisans passing their knowledge and skills to the next. Add colour to your lives with a piece of India’s vibrant and rich cultural history right with you in your living room.

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