BJP confident, but party only after result

BJP confident, but party only after result

The confidence in BJP ranks over wresting power in Delhi appeared to be getting stronger on Friday but the fear of the invisible – read Aam Aadmi Party’s vote share – prevented party leaders from getting into celebratory mode. The results will be out on Sunday.

BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Harsh Vardhan was reluctant to speak about the number of seats expected. After a lot of prodding by reporters, he only said: “I feel that the minimum we should have is 40 seats.”

 “I am not looking at any need for any adjustment (with any party) after the polls,” he said.

BJP sources said immediately after voting on December 4 for the 70-member Assembly there wasn’t much clarity in their minds about the outcome.

“After speaking to our booth agents and local workers the next day, the picture seems to be getting happier for us,” said a candidate.

But BJP leaders and candidates are still guarded and not willing to talk about victory margins in individual seats.

“The exit polls have indicated something about the AAP performance. We do not want to take them lightly,” said a candidate.

BJP sources admitted that the AAP may not get more than five to six seats. “Some exit polls have projected up to 18 seats for the AAP. We have to wait for the result to know the reality,” he said.

Delhi BJP chief Vijay Goel said, “Whose chances has the AAP dented, only time will tell.”
The buzz in the ruling Congress, which has 43 legislators in the 70-member Assembly, was that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has herself told party colleagues that 27 seats is the maximum that she is expecting.

Congress leaders were more dismissive about the AAP debut in Delhi Assembly elections. “They are not going to get more than three seats, if at all they do,” said a former Congress councillor.

“There is unanimity that the AAP will get more than six per cent vote share and be eligible to be recognised as a regional party. However, the AAP getting 16 or 18 seats is highly unlikely,” he said.

In an indirect way, Congress leaders admitted it is the BJP which will romp home. “We may get around 27 seats and the AAP may get around three seats, so the only logical conclusion is that the BJP is likely to win a majority,” said a Congress leader.

The Lok Sabha elections in May will further demolish the Congress, admitted the leader.

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