'Introduce Kannada in HC proceedings'

'Introduce Kannada  in HC proceedings'

In an attempt to make the lives of thousands of litigants easier, a resolution to introduce Kannada as a language in the High Court proceedings was moved by a member of the Legislative Council on Friday.

 The resolution moved by R K Siddaramanna (BJP) urged the legislature to recommend to the Governor and the President to allow introduction of Kannada in the High Court.

The MLC, quoting the Constitution, said use of official language of any state was allowed in the judiciary. “The use of a state’s official language is presently being used by four states – Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar – which are using Hindi as an alternative language to English. However, it appears there is some disparity when it comes to non-Hindi-speaking states, while seeking approval for other languages to be used in the High Court,” he said.

West Bengal and Tamil Nadu have both been trying to introduce their state languages in the High Court for several years now, but the Centre has not yet approved it. The lower courts in the State are using Kannada in their proceedings  the , MLA said. 

Law Minister T B Jayachandra said the government will express its stand on the matter in the next session despite pressure from the Opposition to resolve the issue immediately. “Once we discuss the matter in the Cabinet with the Chief Minister, the government may move such a resolution,” said the minister.
Mandela, Gandhi and URA

JD(S) MLA Y S V Datta’s mention of Dr U R Ananthamurthy in the Legislative Assembly led to sarcastic remarks from Speaker Kagodu Thimmappa, on Friday. While paying tributes to Dr Nelson Mandela, Datta referred to Ananthamurthy’s writings on Mahatma Gandhi.

Immediately, the smiling Speaker said: “He doesn’t practise what he says.” Datta quickly added the House can have a separate debate on literary aspects and writers.

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