There's something for everyone

There's something for everyone

In a cosy corner of Wilson Garden lies a street full of tasty delights that would satiate anyone’s taste buds. From dosa to paratha and gobi manchurian to noodles, this street, which comes alive at dusk, has something for everyone. Located on the fifth main of Wilson Garden, near Agadi Hospital, one can catch the aroma of the mouth-watering offerings even when one is just driving by.

The visitors and the vendors have their own stories to narrate of the food-street experience. Gopal, one of the vendors, says that he’s been here for 12 years. “We start work from 5 pm. I learnt to cook here and this street provides my bread and butter now,” he smiles and says. While Gokul’s helpers take orders, he prepares gobi manchurian, noodles and fried rice according to the customer’s needs. His speed amazes everyone while he mixes different sauces to make the crispy manchurian.

There also stalls here selling bhajjis and other hot snacks. Chokkalingam, who’s from Madurai, has been working here for 34 years since his father Pandiyan opened the stall. Of the two stalls that he owns here, one serves non-vegetarian snacks while the other is purely vegetarian. “We offer piping hot idli, masala dosa, onion dosa and lemon rice. We have loyal customers since many years and they come here everyday,” he narrates.

At another stall close to it, one can dig into egg delights like egg burji, egg paratha, omelettes and egg dosa.

As people line up in front of Chokkalingam with their orders, ask him if he has ever changed the recipes or the taste of the items, and he replies quickly, “Our customers are content with what we offer. They do not like change and if I try something new, they complain about it immediately.” He says that while the weekdays see more of young customers, the
weekends see families enjoying themselves on the street. “Our customers range from labourers to professionals,” he vouches.

One cannot miss the huge vessel, full of chopped onions, being tumbled on to a large-heated tava as people order onion dosa. With the price of an onion dosa being Rs 20, one wonders how he makes profit when onion prices are high.

“Our dosas are at the same price through all seasons and all times,” he proudly states adding, “we couldn’t get much profit when the prices are high but we have loyal customers and we wouldn’t want to lose any of them for a small margin.”

Customers, while relishing the food, say that they cannot imagine coming to the street and not having the hot piping dosas here. Arif, a customer who comes to the street almost twice a week, says he’s been frequenting this place since 15 years.

“The masala dosa is my favourite. I come here to take a break during my busy schedule and I take a parcel for my family, whenever I am here. The food is to die for,” says Arif, as he enjoys a dosa.
This food street is located
at 5th main, Siddaiah Road,
Wilson Garden.

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