It looks a lot Christmassy!

It looks a lot Christmassy!

This Christmas, Bangaloreans are spoilt for choice with a multitude of decorative options.

Shivajinagar, Commercial Street and Dickenson Road are some of the places where people can splurge this festive season.

From miniature clay figurines for the crib to the stars, shiny Christmas balls, angels and the Christmas tree, a host of things are adding colour and variety to the festive season this year.

Mahesh, a shopkeeper on Commercial Street, informs that though he opened his Christmas stall recently, he has had many customers thronging it.

“Like every year, I have Christmas trees in all sizes. They have been priced accordingly. We also have the usual decorative items like the Christmas glitter balls, angels and stars in various colours and qualities. Plus we have loads of other decorative items for the Christmas tree like stockings, lights and mistletoe made with different materials,” he says.

Colourful Christmas decorative items made with styrofoam have become quite popular as well. From colourful balls and bells to miniature Santa Claus, socks as well as reindeer, there is a lot to choose from.

While small Christmas bazaars lining Commercial Street and Dickenson Road are thronged by many as the festival draws closer, the malls and supermarkets in the City are attracting shoppers with their fancy decorative items. Most stationery shops also have a good stock of Christmas decorations. Along with the regular decorative items, they also have items like coloured paper and glitter pens for those who want to make the decorative items themselves.

Bangaloreans say that the small Christmas bazaars, which come up in the many colonies and layouts, have made shopping easier.

Ankita, a student, informs that her family has been shopping at these bazaars for the last couple of years. “We have had the same Christmas tree for many years now but we change the decorations almost every year. We buy a host of things for decoration like strings of beads, tiny mistletoes, stockings, pictures of Santa Claus and of course, the lights. Most of our shopping is done in and around Cox Town. Small bazaars come up every year during Christmas. Also many special bazaars come up in Safina Plaza and have different items every year,” she informs.

Along with decorative items, various fancy lights can also be spotted this season. Available in different shapes and sizes, they add to the festive spirit.

Abbe and his family have begun decorating the Christmas tree and say that the
decorations will be up by mid-December.

“Raja Market near Avenue Road is one of the few places we shop from. The prices there are quite cheap and a variety of products are available there. Customised boxes, which have almost everything one needs for decoration, are what we buy along with tiny lights. We have a Christmas tree at home and make sure it looks beautiful every year,” he sums up.

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