Not to stake claim for govt formation, BJP to sit in opposition: Vardhan

Not to stake claim for govt formation, BJP to sit in opposition: Vardhan

BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate Harsh Vardhan tonight said he will not stake claim to form a government in Delhi as his party is short of a clear majority and would prefer to sit in the opposition than indulging in "horse trading".

BJP emerged as the single largest party in the Delhi Assembly elections winning 31 seats, falling short of the majority mark of 36 in a House of 70.

"I don't know what's going to happen, but I am finding myself in a helpless type of situation where I had promised to give them a transparent administration. Since I don't have number I cannot stake my claim in forming my government in Delhi. So I don't really know what is going to happen.

"Since I don't have the magic number of 36, I really cannot be a part of the government formation in Delhi, but I will continue to serve the people with my utmost dedication and sincerity. And honestly, I think selflessly, I prefer to sit in the opposition, try and help any government that is there in the offing by anyone and support them for the people's cause," he said.

Vardhan said as far he was concerned he was not going to persuade anybody or directly or indirectly indulge in anything that can be termed as horse trading.

"So, at the moment I am absolutely contacting, thanking the people, preparing myself to help people while sitting in the opposition. I cannot really think of anything else," he said.

Vardhan also admitted that he and his party underestimated the impact of newcomer AAP but also hit out at them for not "delivering" things promised by them.

"I honestly admit that I underestimated the type of support that AAP was actually enjoying in the city. I wish to congratulate Kejriwal for a good show in the elections. I think we underestimated their existence. I don't think we have to learn any lesson from AAP organizationally.

"Organizationally, we are far better. There is always a craze for new party, people also enjoy support of Anna Hazare movement, which was a selfless movement and unfortunately this party came out as a by-product of the movement," he said.

But they were posing lot of good things and started on very high moral grounds. But I feel sorry, many things they promised they couldn't deliver, he said.

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