BDA's Drushti goes out of sight

The website, developed by a private firm, was launched three years ago

BDA's Drushti goes out of sight

The Bangalore Development Authority's (BDA) ambitious web-based application Drushti is now out of ‘sight’.

Drushti application, which was available on the BDA website, was launched three years ago to show the development authority’s Revised Master Plan (BDA). It helped in shedding light on the survey numbers, their area and their actual location on ground by superimposing village maps on the Google Earth satellite images. It gave details of base maps containing details of hobli, village survey numbers and satellite image.

The application comprised of information about the private layouts, the exact position of the civic amenity sites, parks, playgrounds, roads, telephone towers, drains, railway lines and railway stations, bus stops and many other facilities in Bangalore.

Its another important aspect was that it carried legends of properties in Bangalore. Using the application, one could gather how the proposed Revised Master Plan (RMP) would resemble if implemented, by superimposing them on the Google Earth.

A BDA officer associated with its Town Planning section told Deccan Herald on condition of anonymity that the application was designed by Sky Group on the instructions of then BDA commissioner Bharatlal Meena. Since its inception, the BDA renewed the work order every year but this year it has not been renewed. He said he has been insisting for
renewal but there seems to be some ‘delay’ at the top level in taking the decision.

He said, “People used to earlier make trips to the BDA to get the RMP map superimposed on the Google Earth. Later, the BDA decided to put the RMP and other survey maps on the web portal for the convenience of people. Today, Drushti has been removed from BDA’s portal.”

The application was managed by the BDA’s Town Planning section, but the Town Planning member A V Rangesh has no idea how this happened. “I am new to BDA, so I have no idea what this portal is all about. I will get back to you once I get information,” said Rangesh. Attempts to reach BDA commissioner Sham Bhatt proved futile.

Closure raises doubts

Drushti had brought to light some of BDA’s irregularities. It showed how the survey sketches were meddled with, benefiting land grabbers.

For example, the government records show the extent of Vasanthapura Kalyani (temple tank) in survey number 21 of Vasanthapura village near ISRO Layout in Bangalore South Taluk close to two acres, but the Bangalore Development Authority’s Revised Master Plan (RMP), which is reflected in Drushti, showed it as a 30 ft X 40 ft site right on the middle of the road, whereas the place where the Kalyani is located is shown as a Grama Thana site with zero survey number given to it. If this was not enough, the size of the Grama Thana site has also shrunk.

Many of the natural canals have gone missing from the RMP, which is reflected in Drushti. The size of many lakes, Gomala land, Inam land, Kharab land too were shrunk.

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