Few takers for NOTA in Delhi

The none of the above option popularly known as NOTA did not find many takers in these Assembly polls. Reason, the debutant AAP served as an alternative and the subdued publicity of the option, say experts.

A meager 0.63 per cent of the total voters chose NOTA over any political party that was in the fray.

“Around 50,000 people chose NOTA while casting their vote on Wednesday,” said an official with Delhi Electoral Office.

It is less than one per cent of total votes polled in these Assembly elections. “It is approximate 0.60 per cent of total number of votes polled. The total votes polled are 78,76,164,” added the official.

The maximum number of NOTA options was exercised at Vikaspuri constituency — where 1,426 voters chose NOTA over candidates. In Matia Mahal constituency, however, only 296 voters used the option.

Some people said they used NOTA as they did not know the candidates be it of any party. “We were not familiar with candidates on an individual level because of the poor canvassing. Thats the main reason I used NOTA. We can’t vote for a candidate just on party lines,” government school teacher, Sulochana Doval told Deccan Herald.

According to experts, Delhi electoral office not only wanted people to exercise their franchise but they also wanted them to vote for a party.

People of north-west district topped in exercising this first-time introduced option. “As many as 6,057 people preferred NOTA to any political party. The north district dwellers enjoyed the second position with 4,944 voters choosing NOTA,” said the official.
Around 2,300 people of the New Delhi used NOTA to say they are not pleased with any political party that was in the fray.

About 3,361 people in east, 4,753 in south-west and 4,680 in north-east opted for NOTA. Also, 4,621 Delhiites in south district and 3,017 in central district chose NOTA option.
The elections in five states -- Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram and Delhi -- gave the voters the NOTA option for the first time.

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