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Among the believers

Nanjangud, known as the Dakshina Kashi of India, houses an unusual number of temples where people practise unique rituals. Other than the famous Shreekanteshwara Temple, outsiders hardly know about the other temples.

But locals and people from neighbouring villages throng these temples, especially during full moon days, deriving a sense of satisfaction from following the many practices usually associated with them.
In a rare sight, a large number of student devotees can also be found here. The Linga Bhattara Gudi, formally known as the Kashi Vishwanatha Temple, attracts many students — from high schoolers to those preparing for competitive exams.

In another strange practice, Taayamma and her family come to the Parashurama Temple, which, according to popular belief, is a must-see temple after the main temple. They bring hens along, kill and cook them nearby to prepare a lavish lunch for themselves and their relatives.

Tayamma finds great pleasure and contentment in sustaining this practice, set rolling by her ancestors. The temple, however, claims no responsibility for this.

At the same temple, jaggery and salt are poured into the stream flowing nearby. Believers maintain that by doing this, their hardships will dissolve like jaggery and salt in water.

Also, a few steps before the temple, one encounters a rare scene of eight to ten gods living in perfect harmony. There are small rooms built for each of them, adjacent to one another.

The people of this temple town live in the midst of such beliefs, beautifully woven for themselves. An incredible place to visit indeed!

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