'A girl should not just be a housewife'

'A girl should not just  be a housewife'

She is a woman of substance and an iconic name. Sixty-four-year-old Kiran Bedi exudes energy that can be compared to that of a youngster. While she continues to be an inspiration to many, she encapsulates her life in three words – focus, clarity and determination.

Ask her where she gets her confidence and she smiles, “I think it all dates back to my school days. I was always very clear about what I wanted to do. Luckily, for me, there were no domestic problems. This helped me achieve consistency in thinking. I learnt that if there was a confusion, you resolved it. This is how you learn to handle life.”

A focussed leader, she emphasises that women should learn to be independent. She adds that focus can take a woman a long way. Kiran explains, “These days, though girls are educated, they marry guys who are well-settled in the USA and become housewives. That’s not a bad thing, but it is necessary to be much more than that. Only a woman can be a daughter, wife and a mother. But
a girl should not just be a housewife.”

Kiran believes that compromising self-respect is not a matter of joke. She says that only when women are educated can they battle social evils and fight for themselves. Ask her if there is a need for sensitisation of men along with women empowerment and she says, “There is a need for both. Men have no business not to provide a support system. There has to be mutual respect among
men and women.”

Kiran adds, “Youngsters these days are not taught about day-to-day difficulties they may face in the real world. What they need is courses in colleges that can empower them to deal with different and difficult problems they may face in any stage of life. I believe that knowledge leads to prevention of problems. Youngsters should be bold in life.”

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