Police fire in air to disperse armed gang

Police fire in air to disperse armed gang

Police fired in the air to disperse an armed gang of about 30 dacoits that barged into NGEF factory compound to loot copper wire from the premises in the wee hours of Monday.

On being alerted by the private security guards on the premises, a police party rushed to the spot and tried to arrest the gang. When the armed men tried to attack them with stones and soda bottles, the police fired two rounds in the air to disperse the gang.

Narasimhaiah, assitant sub-inspector with Byappanahalli Police said at around 2:30 am, they were alerted about the gang trying to enter the NGEF premises. He said secuirty guards on the factory premises were unarmed and could not take on the huge gang of armed intruders and had called up the city police control room.

The official said as they rushed to the spot, the team of private security guards also joined them and they tried to nab the intruders and, they even asked them to surrender. He said gang members in turn threw stones and soda bottles at the police party.

Sources said on the orders of the senior officials two constables, Ashok, of VIP Security division and Wazir of CCB, fired two rounds in the air. The gang of dacoits fled the spot after hearing the gunshots. Narasimhaiah said if they hadn't resorted to firing in the air, the armed gang could have attacked the policemen.

A senior official said the gang had damaged the compound wall at one place to enter the NGEF premises. It was not a professional gang but mainly comprised residents of neighbouring Shaktinagar slum. These men frequently barge into the premises to loot copper wire which was commonly used in transformer manufacturing when NGEF was functioning.

Not first incident

This is not the first time that such an incident has occurred on the premises. Narasimhaiah recalls an earlier incident in 2011 where he similarly led the charge against a gang of dacoits and was in turn assaulted. Seven persons were arrested in that case.

Dr P S Harsha, DCP (East) said security at NGEF factory premises has been a concern. He said the area was huge and there was a railway track running through it and a slum to the other side of the railway track, which gives open access to the premises. He said though private security has been deployed it was insufficient.

“The vast area is guarded by eight security guards who are unarmed. It is not enough. We have decided to impress upon the authorities concerned to improve the security,” he added.

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