A magnificent obsession


A magnificent obsession

Some two to three years ago, Vikramaditya Singh was chased by a tigress in Bhandavgarh National Park.  As he recalls it, there is a sense of pride and an excitement in his voice even after years of that life-threatening encounter.

After all, he belongs to the royal family of Palaitha (largest principality of Kotah, Rajasthan) from where comes his passion for wildlife. Vikramaditya’s obsession and largely his fat­her’s influence on him made him an artist, who simply loves to capture the beauty of wild creatures on his canvas.

Therefore, he has come up with his latest collection – ‘Wild-Works’ which is a reflection on the creativity of erstwhile Royalty. Vikramaditya has developed his work by studying predators and wildlife over a series of safaris across India and the African continent over the past two years. He even spent six months in Kenya as a resident artist at a wildlife camp to draw inspiration for  his  wildlife collection.

“My endeavour is to enhance the experience and beauty of nature that surrounds us by recreating it in its magnificence through my unique interpretation of it. Wild-Works brings nature daringly closer to the audience,” says Vikramaditya, who takes a more dramatic and expressive edge in his  collection this time.

“The current collection is more stark and dramatic as charcoal strokes embody the energy of the beasts and the colour work echoes the light, variety and textures of these jungle creatures.”

Interestingly, Vikramaditya is inspired by his father, the late Ashok Singh of Kotah, an accomplished artist and designer extraordinaire.

 “I saw my father paint these beautiful creatures which was inspiring for me. Therefore, I am emotionally attached to my work,” says he.  Each and every work is his personal favourite because “my connection to the art is very personal. While I am painting looking at the photographs, it is my emotions, I believe that adds life to the creature,” says

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