Death-related rituals at Kalyana Mantapa of Palace

As is the tradition, Kalyana Mantapa (marriage hall) inside the Amba Vilas Palace is the podium for both good and bad connected with the royal family.

As the name goes, the royals’ marriage ceremonies are hosted here, so also death ceremonies.

The last death of a royal was in the year 1981 when both Tripurasundarammanni (mother of Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar and second wife of Jayachamaraja Wadiyar) and Satyapremakumari (the first wife of Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, who had no children) died in a span of 10 days.

Tripurasundarammanni was the first to die and the royals were preparing for the death related rituals, when Satyapremakumari died, said a palace staffer. Jayachamaraja Wadiyar died on September 23, 1974, at Bangalore Palace.

Keeping in line with the tradition practised by the royals, the mortal remains of Srikantadatta too will be brought to the marriage hall through ‘gaadi baagilu’ (the vehicle door) and will be kept there, to enable the royal family members and their guests pay their last respects.


Maryaade (a respect with ‘Devara vastra’ (God’s robe), ‘tulsi maale’ among others will be received from the temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari atop Chamundi Hills (also the deity of Mysore royal family), followed by those from Parakala Mutt, the ‘Gurumane’ (royal priests), Sringeri Mutt, Srikanteshwara Swamy temple at Nanjangud, Ranganatha Swamy temple at Srirangapatna and Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple at Melukote in Mandya district are expected to reach the palace, to complete the rituals.

Royal salute

Though it is still hazy, it is heard from the palace quarters that like the tradition followed during private (khasagi) durbar during Navaratri celebrations, the mortal remains of Wadiyar will be ushered into the palace. The durbaris and all those connected with the ceremony will sing paeans in praise of the scion, till it exits from ‘dodda baagilu’ (Jayamarthanda Gate).


Though the family, especially Pramodadevi Wadiyar, is yet to decide on the place within Madhuvana (also called Manuvana, the royal graveyard) on Mysore-Nanjangud Road, to cremate the mortal remains, it could be near the place where Srikantadatta’s father and mother were cremated, said a source close to the royal family. Sandalwood will be used for the funeral pyre.

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