Richie Richardson says Windies have lost their warrior spirit

Richie Richardson says Windies have lost their warrior spirit

Manager of the West Indies cricket team Richie Richardson says the regional side has lost its warrior spirit and the desire to be the best in the world.

"As soon as you get on the [bus] you need to be ready. The opposition needs to know you're serious and ready for business," CMC quoted Richardson saying in an interview with New Zealand website,

"You put on your game face and you're ready for action, ready for business, ready to work, ready to go to war. I think we've lost a little bit of that in our cricket and we need to get that back."

The former West Indies player criticised the attitude of the current crop, but said the system in which they operate needs to share the blame for the prolonged slide of the regional team.

"It's very easy to blame the players, but I don't blame them for everything. You have to blame the system," he said.

"If people are allowed to do certain things and get away with it then you can't blame them. It's tough for me; that's not what I'm accustomed to."

The former West Indies captain says while the batting is worrisome the talent is still there.

He says the issues facing regional cricket are not just at the senior level.

"Â…It's at all levels. We really need to do a proper study to look at what we need to do," said Richardson.

"We're not going to get any quick fixes. There are a lot of experts and people who know exactly what to do, but nothing is being done".

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