Ashes immersed at Sr'patna, Sangama

 The ashes of the late scion of the Mysore royal family Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar was immersed in River Cauvery at Paschimavahini, here, the first capital of the Mysore kingdom, on Thursday afternoon.

Chaduranga Kanthraja Urs, nephew of Wadiyar, performed the third-day rituals and immersed the ashes of his uncle in the west flowing branch of River Cauvery at 2.20 pm. Earlier, pooja was performed to an earthen pot/urn containing the ashes by Urs.

He was guided by Palace priest Kumaraswamy, Chandrasekhara Shastry from Mysore, astrologer Bhanuprakash Sharma and Sunil Das from Kerala. The team of Vydiks chanted Purushasuktha and Rudrasuktha mantras while Das chanted ‘Prathaha Smaranam Chamundeshwari Charanam’ slokas. Apart from the ‘Sanchayana Asti’ (core ash) in the pot, three sacks of ashes were immersed in the river water by the Palace attendants.

Roots in Sr’patna

Bhanuprakash Sharma said, the Wadiyars belong to Srirangapatna as 21 of the 25 kings have ruled over the kingdom with Srirangapatna as their capital.

“It is important to immerse the ashes of Wadiyar at his native, who traces his roots to Srirangapatna.

In fact, the Wadiyar kings were the ones who developed this place called ‘Paschimavahini’, where a branch of the River Cauvery flows westwards before rejoining at Sangama.

According to shastras, the deceased will attain ‘moksha’ if the ashes are immersed in west-flowing waters,” he said.

Chandrasekhara Shastry said, the ashes have been immersed in the River Cauvery at Paschimavahini and Sangam in Srirangapatna and Thirumakudalu Sangama at T Narsipur at the same time. “The ashes have been immersed after performing Narayana pooja, Trishila pooja and Madhura bali poojas to seek peace for the departed soul.

Further, the ashes will be immersed at Gaya, Varanasi and Hardwar,” he said.


The ashes was later also immersed at Triveni Sangama in T Narsipura at 3 pm. The Sangama is where the tributaries of three rivers, Cauvery, Kapila and Spatika converge, and it is believed to be auspicious to immerse the ashes here.

Srikanta Siddalingaswamiji of Kappadi Kshetra, who is also the relative of the Waidyars immersed the ashes.

Boppegowdanapura Channaraje Urs, Mysore palace priest Balasubramanya, Deepak Urs and Palace SP Channaiah were present.

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