Science stream PU students to face diluted syllabus

Science stream PU students to face diluted syllabus

The Department of Pre University Education Board is likely to come out with a “blow up syllabus” for the science stream, which the staff and students have to focus for the upcoming second year PU exams.

The “blow up syllabus” would cover the crux of each chapter in physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology. They will narrow down the syllabus for each subject. Such a move is being planned as the syllabus which was revised last year on a par with that of the CBSE is being considered too vast. The first batch of students under the new syllabus will be appearing for the II PU exams in March 2014.

Department of PU Education Director Rame Gowda told Deccan Herald on Thursday that the proposal was under consideration and a decision would be taken in two days.

An official in the department said the idea is to guide teachers and students to focus on the crux of each chapter. For instance, a chapter in biology may deal with reproduction in human beings, animals as well as birds. The “blow up syllabus” could indicate that focus can be on reproduction in human beings, he explained. The DPUE has already prepared the “blow up syllabus”, he added.

Sources in the DPUE said during an ongoing training for PU lecturers, lecturers fared poorly in the tests given to them based on the revised syllabus. Lecturers fear that the vast syllabus may have severe impact on the results of II PUC exams of March 2014.Fearing a fall in the pass percentage across the state, several lecturers have asked the DPUE to “define focus” to the syllabus at least now, so that students would benefit during revisions over the next three months.

Colleges are not only finding the CBSE books too vast but also fail to find link between one chapter and another. Moreover, lecturers themselves admit that not all of them are able handle the new syllabus. A chemistry lecturer in Bangalore who is teaching II PUC students from the last 20 years said, “The syllabus is haphazard, to say the least. The lessons stretch for pages together and the basic concept is introduced only in the end while the complex parts are explained in the beginning.
“Those who have recently joined the profession are clueless.”

Vinay Kumar, a lecturer in KLE College, said: “Earlier, the syllabus was for 75 hours per subject. Now, it is for 120 hours. For mathematics, it is 135 hours. The number of experiments are also more. Either the syllabus has to be reduced or they have to scrap one subject to sustain this exam module. To top this, majority of the lecturers are not open to learning things afresh.”

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