Ban fails to deter smoking in public

Ban fails to deter smoking in public

The smoking ban was to be implemented in shopping malls, cinema halls, public and private work places, hotels, banquet halls, discotheques, canteen, coffee house, pubs, bars, airport lounge, railway stations. Added to this, the sale of tobacco products within 100 metre radius of educational institutions is also prohibited.

While some of the places have been adhering to the ban - the five-star hotels especially, many bars and restaurants continue to allow smoking, as they incurred losses during the ban. Even college students refuse to understand the ‘seriousness’ of the tobacco-related diseases - which was the prime reason for enforcing the ban. “It is quite common for people to drink and smoke in bars, there is nobody to question about it now,” said Pradeep, a bar manager.

Police officials are empowered to collect a fine of Rs 200, but they have not received any complaints and have not registered any case,” said G Ramesh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Central.

Non-smokers lounge
Nishanth Naidu, proprietor of an automobile firm, said, “there should be a separate lounge for the ‘non-smokers’. Many pubs and bars maintain a separate lounge for smoking to keep away from passive smoking.

Many pan shops have occupied space near college campuses. So, prohibition of sale of tobacco within 100 metre radius of educational institutions is also being violated.  
But a suicide helpline volunteer, Anita Gracias talks about how even the parents have a ‘chalta hai’ attitude towards their children smoking.

Apparently, there are also some people like John G who have given up smoking and he calls smoking disgusting but difficult habit to give up. He was only 13-years-old when he started smoking.