Dressing like a hot shot!


Dressing like  a hot shot!

A well-dressed man is a complete man in many senses. Nikitha Satish gives you a few essential tips to make your wardrobe tick.

More often than not, men consider fashion a girl's arena, and neglect their sense of dressing. Surely, this leads to quite a few eyesores. Men's clothing need not be a ramp-made drama. Having the basic know-how of good grooming will do. 

This era is that of the charmers and charmers drive the front seat. And if you aren't charming enough, you might as well be pushed out of the backseat! Be it a casual outing with your loved ones or a formal event or just another day at work, you need to look your best at all times.

Dressing well has great perks, you know. If you are with your girlfriend, your good dressing sense might just make her want to pull your shirt and... (if you know what I mean). At work, your personality and the way you dress gives out the first impression. You certainly don't want to miss out on that, do you? 

A well-dressed man is a complete man in many senses! Always stay groomed and make sure every piece of clothing on you is ironed and clean.


*  Know your body type and what you are comfortable and confident in. The key to find the right fit is checking the shoulder. If it is small then it forms wrinkles near the sleeves. If it is too big it looks bulky. Always try the shirt before you buy.*  Good pair of jeans is the most essential in every man’s wardrobe. Try a couple of cuts. Skinny jeans are a big no. Straight cut jeans are flattering for most body types. A pair of carbon black, blue and light blue washed jeans are basics for every wardrobe.*  The length of your jeans should be right. The jeans length should be a little longer than your trouser. Always wear your shoes and check before cutting the length.*  Do not be afraid to try colours. Try bright reds, blues and greens. You will be surprised by what you can carry off.*  Having vests in your wardrobe is a must. They are the most versatile piece which can be teamed with anything and will give you that spunk.* A military jacket can add edge to your wardrobe. It can be teamed with your shirts and jeans or cotton shirts. Make sure it is of the right fit before you buy.* Pullovers are a must in the winter. It is also appropriate for the weather here. Team a grey pullover with a bright red shirt where only the collar and cuff adds that pop of colour. Colour co-ordination is one of the most important things to keep in mind while dressing. * Accessories are the most important thing in men’s fashion. As there is no ornamentation, accessories break or make the look. Try on trendy watch, belt, and shoes. Never do it over the top. Stock them in classic colours like gray, black and brown.* It is important to have individuality. Have your own style. Try out different cuts, styles and see what works for you. Be comfortable and own it. 


* Always wear clothes that fit your body. If it is too loose or tight it will look shabby. The shoulder and the sleeve length of the shirt should always be of correct length.*  In formal wear stick to monochromatic colours. Try to avoid too bright a colour and stick to the classic formal colours like white, beige, brown, blue and black.*  The collar in a man’s shirt is the most prominent feature. Point collared shirt gives the most balanced and neutral appearance. It works well with or without a tie. The spread colour which has a little wider end is best worn without a tie.*  The blazer gives power and confidence. You can never go wrong with a pant suit. Always make sure they are of the same colour. Mixing will just add bulk and is distracting. *  Always button your buttons. Including the small ones at the cuff and collar. Do not wear trousers with front pleats. It just adds bulk and is not flattering at all.*  Always stick to pants with darker colours. It matches all coloured shirts. The trouser should rest at the waist and should be long enough so that there is small break before the bottom rests on the top of your shoe. They should never bunch up at the bottom.* Your shoes and belt should always match or at least be of the same shade.*  Accessories are very important. Never wear sports watch or funky belts with formals. Keep it classy with a metal watch and formal-coloured belts.*  Shoes and socks can really lift your style quotient. Always keep your formal shoes polished. Wear thin socks and not the sports one.

(The writer is a fashion designer)

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