'Akshay is very good at comedy'

Cool relationship

'Akshay is very good  at comedy'

Bollywood actress Dimple Kapadia says that she likes her actor son-in-law Akshay Kumar in comedy roles. “I think Akshay is great, he is lovely. We share lovely relationship which I really treasure. He is mad and so am I. We get along very well. We have very cool relationship. I like his work. I like him in comedy. He is very good at comedy. I enjoy watching his films,” says Dimple. 

The 56-year-old actress said she and Akshay discuss about films and also give feedback on each other’s work. “I do discuss films with him. I discuss what I am doing and he thinks I need to work more. I am not working enough so he keeps telling me that,” she added. 

Well, it seems Dimple’s grandson Aarav is also interested in films and its business. “Aarav saw the poster of my film ‘What the Fish’ and he is very excited about the film. He told that me naani (grandmother) I can give you some marketing ideas. That was the biggest compliment,” said Dimple.

She wanted Aarav to see Haathi Mere Saathi in which her late husband Rajesh Khanna had played the 

lead. “He (Aarav) discusses everything related to films with me. He has not seen my films but I want him to see Haathi Mere Saathi. I think 

he will love it. With today’s kids, you need to make them sit and see the film as kids want to see English serials,” she added. 

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